TachoPlus 4.0: Revolutionise your tachograph data analysis

TachoPlus 4.0

We are proud to present TachoPlus 4.0 – a ground-breaking update to our tachograph data analysis software. TachoPlus 4.0 offers full support for the latest generation of tachographs (GEN2 V2) and brings important new features:

  • Display of automatic border crossings: Increased efficiency and transparency in data collection.
  • Improved data security and storage capacity: Optimised protection and enhanced data management.
  • New reporting options and risk ratings: Customised analyses for precise insights.
  • Integrated document management: Any documents can be attached in the master data.
  • Compatibility with new data structures: Ensures conformity with current legal requirements.

We are pleased to announce the release of TachoPlus 4.0! This latest version of our leading tachograph data analysis software brings key innovations and support for the latest generation of tachographs (GEN2 V2). With enhanced features such as automatic recording of crossings, increased storage capacity, and an improved user interface, TachoPlus 4.0 sets new standards in the industry.

Experience how TachoPlus 4.0 revolutionises your data management and adapts to the latest regulatory requirements while increasing usability and efficiency. Stay one step ahead with TachoPlus 4.0 and utilise the most advanced features for your tachograph data analysis.

Documents can be stored in the master data.

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