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The TachoPlus SERVER FLEX Edition offers you all the functions and benefits of the tried-and-tested TachoPlus PC Edition. The TachoPlus SERVER FLEX Edition enables you to comprehensively archive and control driver card data and tachograph data for several workstations with a central database.

TachoPlus SERVER FLEX supports all hardware components based on the EU standard such as VDO® DownloadKey, Actia® D-Box, Stoneridge® Optac and many others for data exchange. A calendar function provides continuous information on the current archiving status and reminds you of specified archiving cycles for driver cards and vehicle data. Data is archived in a professional SQL database with automated data backup for maximum protection of your valuable data.

The decisive difference is that you can use TachoPlus SERVER FLEX as a powerful client-server solution with a central database. This allows you to meet the requirements of multiple workstations.

Take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of TachoPlus SERVER FLEX to efficiently organise tachograph data management in your organisation.


  • Flexible licence system, based on the number of simultaneous users
  • Reading and analysing driver cards and company cards via card readers or files
  • Direct data transfer from many download keys
  • Secure data archiving with control of missing data
  • Clear and complete graphical representation of the data
  • Expressive weekly and monthly reports
  • Support for driver instruction and attestation of activity
  • Consideration of infringements of the law in accordance with Regulation (EU) 561/2006, Regulation (EU) No. 165/2014, Directive EC 2002-15, DE-FPersV,
  • Recording and evaluation of correction options, absences and additional work
  • Pre-checking and data provision for inspection by authorities
  • Sending driver card data by e-mail
  • Use of an SQL database with automatic data backup
  • Scalable client-server solution for use with a central database
  • Multi-user support for simultaneous access from different workstations
  • Scalability and flexibility for customisable number of workstations and database size
  • Seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure and business applications
  • Support for a wide range of hardware components for data exchange
  • Efficient data management with search, filtering, reporting and export functions
  • Automated data transfer from download terminals and remote download systems


The advantages with

Centralised data management for multiple workstations

Efficient management and shared access to tachograph data from different workstations.

Flexible and scalable for growing requirements

The TachoPlus SERVER FLEX Edition can be easily adapted to the growing needs of your company. You can easily expand both the number of workstations and the size of the database.

High data security thanks to reliable protection

Secure your tachograph data with a central database and automatic data backup mechanisms to ensure reliable protection against data loss.

Efficient data management and reporting

The comprehensive data management functions of TachoPlus SERVER FLEX enable you to manage data efficiently, generate reports and gain valuable insights.

Seamless collaboration and data exchange

Facilitate collaboration and data exchange between different users and workstations with the client-server architecture of TachoPlus SERVER FLEX.

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