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TachoPlus PC is a comprehensive tachograph data solution for small to medium-sized companies with one workstation. With TachoPlus PC you fulfil the legal requirements for archiving and checking driver card data and data from the digital tachograph. TachoPlus PC enables you to monitor drivers’ driving, working and rest times and provides a solid basis for scheduling future assignments.

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TachoPlus PC supports all hardware components based on the EU standard for data exchange. These include, among others: VDO® DownloadKey, Actia® D-Box, Stoneridge® Optac.

A calendar function provides continuous information on the current archiving status and reminds you of specified archiving cycles for driver cards and vehicle data. Data is archived in a professional SQL database with automated data backup – for maximum protection of your valuable data.

TachoPlus PC also enables the handling of replacement data, e.g. for journeys without a driver card. TachoPlus PC also creates correction logs in the event of incorrect tachograph operation – such as a missing pause switch.

Our options leave nothing to be desired and enable the practical integration of TachoPlus PC into everyday fleet operations: be it with a download cable, an autonomous reading station or software for the automated evaluation of tachograph discs.


  • Reading and analysing driver cards and company cards via card readers or files
  • Direct data transfer from many download keys
  • Secure data archiving with control of missing data
  • Clear, complete graphical representation of the data
  • Expressive weekly and monthly reports
  • Support for driver instruction and attestation of activity
  • Consideration of infringements of the law in accordance with Regulation (EU) 561/2006, Regulation (EU) No. 165/2014, Directive EC 2002-15, DE-FPersV,
  • Recording and evaluation of correction options, absences and additional work
  • Pre-checking and data provision for inspection by authorities
  • Sending driver card data by e-mail
  • Use of an SQL database with automatic data backup

The advantages with
Tachoplus PC

Efficient monitoring of driving, working and rest times

With TachoPlus PC, you can keep an eye on your drivers’ compliance with legal regulations on working hours.

Correctly archive driver card data and tachograph data

Thanks to TachoPlus PC, you can archive and check digital tachograph data in compliance with the law.

Clear visualisation and informative reports

TachoPlus PC provides you with clear graphics and reports so that you can see important information at a glance.

Flexibly transfer data from different hardware components

TachoPlus PC supports a variety of hardware components and thus enables flexible and smooth data transfer.

Expandability with additional modules for the software

Take advantage of the opportunity to expand TachoPlus PC with additional modules and make your tachograph data management even more effective.

Extension modules

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