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TachoPlus DRIVER is a free edition developed especially for drivers. With TachoPlus DRIVER you can check your tachograph data directly from the driver card and monitor potential offences. This edition offers a reduced version of the paid TachoPlus solution and focuses on analysing and displaying driver card data.


Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese kostenfreie TachoPlus DRIVER Edition die gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Archivierung NICHT ERSETZT. Es handelt sich lediglich um ein Hilfsmittel zur Auswertung und Anzeige der Fahrerkartendaten. Für die ordnungsgemässe Archivierung Ihrer Tachographendaten gemäss den gesetzlichen Vorschriften empfehlen wir die Nutzung der entsprechenden Archivierungslösungen wie die Vollversion von TachoPlus.


  • Reading driver cards via a card reader
  • Reading driver card data from the hard drive or via a download key
  • Display of the data as a graphic in the form of a timeline
  • Display of offence reports directly in the timeline
  • Integrated evaluation in accordance with EU 561/165 Regulation
  • Zoom function for the timeline up to minute resolution

You can use the software if you have the driver card data as a file. The full version of TachoPlus offers an export function to send the data to the driver by e-mail and view it privately with the TachoPlus DRIVER. Alternatively, you can use a chip card reader to read in the driver card data directly. You can also use a download key to temporarily save the driver card data and read it into the TachoPlus DRIVER.


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The advantages with
Tachoplus Driver

Easy evaluation of driver card data

Keep track of your driver card data and check it easily and conveniently for potential Infringements.

Free edition for drivers

Use the free TachoPlus DRIVER Edition to analyse your driver card data free of charge and gain important insights.

Clear visualisation of the data

Track your tachograph data in a clear and concise graphical display and recognise possible Infringements at a glance.

Helps to comply with regulations

Use the TachoPlus DRIVER Edition to help you comply with legal requirements for tachograph data and identify possible Infringements.

User-friendly application

Benefit from a user-friendly application that allows you to analyse your driver card data easily and intuitively.

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