Time – Time management

The advantages of this module are

  • More efficient payroll accounting
  • Optimisation of individual work processes
  • Automated payroll accounting procedures
  • accurate working time accounting to the minute
  • More overview, transparency and security

In many companies, it is no longer just attendance times that are recorded, but also complete time management.

While this is usually done in small companies using handwritten forms or Excel lists, medium-sized and large companies often use specialised software solutions. Depending on which data is recorded, it is also possible to carry out employee activity analyses and calculate the profitability of the hours worked.

The hours worked are often invoiced to customers. Software-supported time management enables the company to easily invoice the hours worked and offers the HR department a high level of transparency regarding all activities performed.

TachoPlus TIME is a unique extension of TachoPlus for recording the working time of staff and drivers. It does not matter where the data comes from – whether from the digital driver card, the analogue tachograph disc, from a batch terminal or manually from the program.

With TachoPlus TIME, statutory and company-specific time models can be optimally created and corresponding reports generated for payroll accounting. Furthermore, expense, additional time, absence time and shift time models can be recorded, assigned and verified in the basic data editor.

Time clocks are generated using electronic time clocks or an app and automatically saved in the TachoPlus database. These time clocks communicate directly via TCP/IP or USB.

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