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In many companies, not just a pure Attendance Time is now made. Often also a full time recording is used. While this is most often detected in small businesses with forms handwritten or entered in Excel spreadsheets , medium and large companies often use special software solutions. Depending on what data is collected , it is also possible to perform analyzes of activity of employees and to calculate the cost of hours worked . Often, the hours worked are provided to the customer. A software-based time recording enables the company to a simple statement of hours worked and provides the personnel department a high transparency of all the activities carried out .


TachoPlus Time is a unique extension of TachoPlus to the timekeeping of staff and the steering personnel to capture , however if the data from the digital driver card , analogue tacho disc , a batch terminal or manually from the program come .


With TachoPlus Time allows you to create optimal and generate appropriate reports for the payroll statutory and corporate specific time models. Next expenses , additional times , periods of absence and shift time models can be recorded , assigned and detected in the data base editor.


The time - stampings are produced with electronic time clocks and automatically stored in the Tacho Plus database. These time clocks communicate directly via TCP / IP or USB.

The advantages of this modul

e are :


  • efficient payroll and payroll
  • Optimization of individual processes
  • Automated methods of accounting
  • the-minute working time accounting
  • more clarity , transparency and security


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