The software for tachograph data evaluation




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The additional module TachoPlusExpert enables a forensical analysis.


This module extends TachoPlus (archive or Enterprise) with the following functions:


  • Detailed Speed ( graph with speed and acceleration / deceleration, speed control)
  • Detailed graphics : summation of the marked area and display the exact number of miles , provided that the speed available
  • Detail windows can be opened "simultaneously" multiple
  • Multiple mutations available in the master data for " non-enterprise customers "
  • Punitive damages in amounts transgression report and the transgression expert
  • CSV export and CSV export raw data in each report
  • CVS export task list
  • Measuring function for driving, work and rest periods
  • Evaluate S- files 7-day and ¼ seconds speed
  • Tree view of the tachograph files ( DDD files )
  • Display of hardware and software information of tachographs
  • Technical data of the DTCO example Software version and type in the master data and the header of the Week overview / detail graphics
  • Export Expert on Circumcision of mass storage data
  • Reports of experts
  • manipulation check
  • Detection of multiple drivercards use





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