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Control your tachograph data directly from the driver card to any violations.

When TachoPlus Free Driver is a reduced version of the paid TachoPlus solution. TachoPlus Free Driver focuses on the evaluation and display of driver card data.


Functions TachoPlus Free Driver
  • Reading the driver card through the card reader
  • Reading the driver card data from the hard disk or from downloadkey
  • View as graphics in the form of a timeline
  • Representation in tabular form in a weekly overview
  • View the transgression messages directly in the timeline
  • Integrated evaluation according to EU Regulation 561
  • Zoom on the timeline to minutes Resolution


You can use the software , when you get the driver card data as a file. For this the full version TachoPlus offers an export function to the data by email to be sent to the driver and owner to look at the speedometer Plus Free Driver to. Alternatively, you can scan directly to a smart card reader driver card data. In addition, you can also download key a buffer the driver card data and read the speedometer Plus Free Driver.


Important: Please note that this free program the legally prescribed archiving NOT REPLACED




Free version of the program (approx. 65 MB)



Handbook PDF format (approx. 1.5 MB)


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